Constitution and by-law


The name of the association shall be « KUVASZ CLUB OF CANADA. »

The purpose of the Club shall be to promote and protect the KUVASZ breed in Canada.The area of operation of the Club shall be Canada and its territories and possessions.


Specific Objectives of the Club


To promote knowledge and understanding of the Kuvasz breed; to set and  maintain high standards of ethical behaviour; to assist in breeding programmes; to foster knowledge of canine care and training among our members.

Wherever possible to come to the aid of Kuvaszok in distress.

To provide a liaison body between Kuvasz owners across Canada.

To publish a Newsletter not less than four times a year.

Use the printable form and make a cheque payable to the Kuvasz Club of Canada.  

Send your printed out membership application or renewal and your cheque to: 

Kuvasz Club Of Canada 

C/O Amber Kunz  

79169 Bluewater Hwy. RR 2 


Ont.  N7A 3X8