Constitution by-law (suite...)


2. Membership

All members of the Club are entitled to receive a copy of the Newsletter, whenever published; to partake in Club sponsored activities; and to make use of the facilities of the Club.

Membership shall be of two types

(a) Ordinary members

Ordinary membership is limited to those who are 18 years of age or over Are residents of Canada And who undertake to support the objectives of the Club.

Each ordinary member shall have one vote in all Club elections, general meetings and referenda.

(i) A joint ordinary membership may be held by two people at the same residence. A joint membership shall entitle each member to vote but only one copy of the newsletter shall be sent to the residence.

(b) Associate members: Associate membership is open to anyone interested in the Kuvasz breed who undertakes to support the objectives of the Club.

(i) Associate membership may be held by a single person or by a family.

(ii) Associate memberships include non-residents of Canada.

3. Conditions of Withdrawal

(a) A member may withdraw by submitting his resignation in writing to the Secretary.

(b) A member may be expelled for due cause.

(i) Such member shall be notified by registered mail of all complaints which have been lodged against him/her.

(ii) The Executive Committee shall arrange a hearing to be held not less than 30 days after the postmark of such notification.

(iii) Such member shall be entitled to either be present or to submit a written brief in his/her defense.

(iv) If no defence is received the Executive Committee may summarily expel such member.

(v) If a defense is presented, the Executive Committee may nevertheless expel such member by unanimous decision.

4. Annual Fees

Fees are payable upon submission of an application for membership and thereafter on or before the 1st of January of each year.

The fees shall be $25.00/year for :

a. Ordinary single membership

b. Joint ordinary membership

c. Associate membership

5. Meetings

Meetings shall be held at the discretion of the Executive with the provision that an Annual General Meeting shall be held no later than Dec. 30th of each year.

Five ordinary members shall constitute a quorum.

Motions may be presented by a simple majority.

6. Organization

The officers of the Club shall be : President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Newsletter Editor

** The duties of the Secretary and Treasurer may be combined into one office.

The Executive of the Club shall consist of the above officers together with the immediate Past President. ​

The Executive may appoint, as its representative, a Consultant in each Area of the country where there is no member of the Executive. (For this purpose, « Areas » of the country shall be defined as follows: West Coast – British Columbia and the Yukon; Prairie Provinces – Alberta, Saskatchewan and NWT; Central Canada – Manitoba and Ontario west of Sault Ste Marie; Southern Ontario; Quebec; the Maritimes)

Renumerations. The Club may pay to any member of the Club such expenses or honoraria as may be directed by the Club at a General Meeting.

7. Duties of Officers

(a) The President shall be an ordinary member in good standing and shall preside at all the meetings of the Club and shall be the Chief Executive exercising general supervision over the interests and welfare of the Club. The President shall be an ex-officer member of all committees.

(b) The Vice-president shall be an ordinary member in good standing and shall perform all the duties of the President when the latter is absent or when requested to do so by the President.

(c) The Secretary shall be an ordinary member in good standing and shall keep minutes of the Club meetings and the Executive meetings. The Secretary shall carry on correspondence, arrange the place of meetings and advise the Canadian Kennel Club and the Province of Ontario of the officers of the Club. The Secretary shall have custody of the Seal of the Club.

(d) The Treasurer shall be an ordinary member in good standing and shall keep all financial accounts of the Club. The Treasurer shall collect all dues and revenues of the Club and shall deposit all monies belonging to the Club in a chartered bank or trust company to be selected by the Club. Only such legal debts as are incurred by the Club are to be paid. In November the Treasurer shall send to each member a statement of his/her dues for the ensuing year. (e) The Newsletter Editor shall be an ordinary member in good standing and shall be responsible to see that an adequate number of Newsletters are published and mailed to members. The Newsletter may appoint an Assistant Editor. (f) It shall be the responsibility of the Executive Committee to look after the day to day operation of the Club.

8. Elections

(a) The Executive shall be elected from and by the ordinary membership for a two year term. (Odd-numbered years shall be election years.) (b) Nominations are to be mailed to the Secretary by Oct. 30th of the election year. Ballots shall be mailed to paid up ordinary members by Nov. 15th. Ballots must be marked and returned by members by Dec. 15th. Election results shall be published in the July Newsletter or the next Newsletter published after July 15th. (c) Any ordinary member may stand for a position on the Executive. (d) No person shall be nominated for any elected office or position on a committee unless his or her consent is first obtained. (e) No member shall vote whose membership fees are no up to date for that year.

9. Finances

(a) The financial year of the Club shall commence on June 1st. (b) The books of the Club shall be audited prior to June 30 of each election year. The audited financial statement is to be published in the July Newsletter. (c) The audit may be conducted by two ordinary members not members of the Executive or by an y chartered accountant. (d) The Executive may borrow a sum of up to $100.00. (e) The books and records of the Club may be inspected by any ordinary member of the Club by arrangement with the Executive.

10. Manner of Revising the Constitution and By-Laws

(a) Proposed amendments must be submitted in writing to the Secretary of the Club together with the signatures of five ordinary members who are sponsoring the amendment. (b) The Secretary shall cause the proposed amendment to be published in the next issue of the Newsletter together with the names of its sponsors. (c) All correspondence pertaining to the proposed amendment shall be published in the nest issue of the Newsletter. (d) A ballot with an official return envelope shall be mailed to all ordinary members 30 days later. (e) Sealed ballots will be opened and counted in the presence of a notary public no less than 30 days after they are mailed to members. (f) A two-thirds majority of votes shall be required for a proposed amendment to be passed.

11. Dissolution of the Club

​ (a) Dissolution shall require a two-thirds vote of the entire ordinary membership. (b) Any money remaining to the Club shall be donated to the Ontario Veterinary College for canine research